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محدودیت های حرکتی در آرنج و درمان های آن
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محدودیت های حرکتی در آرنج و درمان های آن

Extrinsic Contracture of the Elbow
An extrinsic contracture usually involves the periarticular soft tissue without involving the articulating surface.
Trauma is the major cause of EC espetially elbow Dx.
Inflammatory process periarticular fibrosis,and osteophytic new bone formation.

around 40 y.
initially notices loss of full ext but no limitation of activity.
The first complaint is pain in terminal extention.
Midarc motion is not painful.

Fourstages of elbow stiffness
1-in minutes to hours,by bleeding
2-in hours to days, edema              
3-in the end of the first week, by   
granulation tissue
4-in the month, by fibrosis                 

Staticadjustable splint

Lateraland Medial

flexion contracture greater than60 and flexion less than 100.

If the ulnar nerve is to be addressed or thereis extensive medial or coronoid arthrosis, the medial approach is of value.If the radiohumeral joint is involved or if a simplerelease is all that is required, the lateral “column” procedure is carried out

skin incision(6 cm)
coronoid or olecranon osteophytes
can be removed.

The septum is excised from theinsertion on the supracondylar ridge